1.  The number of Scholarship awards shall be:

•  Three (3) (Grades 1-8) Private Elementary/Grammar School Awards in the amount of $500 each. One donated by Scholarship Fund, one known as the Detective Barney Ferguson Award, funded by the Detective Barney Ferguson Emerald Legacy Fund and one known as the Aisling Cooke Award, donated by Pat & Pidgie Murray.

•  Three (3) Grades 9-12 Private High School Awards. Two awards will be funded by the Scholarship Fund in the amount of $1,000 each and the third award, known as the “Richard Reynolds Award” will be funded by the Leitrim Society in the amount of $500

•  Two (2) of either a 2 or 4 Year Accredited Full-Time Undergraduate College Course Awards in the amount of $1,000 each, funded by the Scholarship Fund

•  One (1) of, either a 2 or 4 Year Accredited Full-Time Undergraduate College Course Award known as the “Barney and Olive McKeon Award” in the amount of $2,000, funded by the McKeon Family. (Essay required for this category. Applicant must submit a paragraph (225 words minimum) on “What Leitrim Means to Me” Note: In the event the applicant does not win this category he/she will still be eligible to enter the $1,000 college scholarships above

2. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are not eligible for the Private Elementary/Grammar School Awards.

3. Applications for Scholarship Awards must be received no later than April 15th each year.

4. Scholarship Awards will be drawn annually at the May monthly meeting of the Leitrim Society.

5. Leitrim Society members may submit an application on behalf of a child only if they are the legal parent or guardian of the applicant who is a full-time resident of the United States. Upon submission of the application the member must have paid their membership dues for the current year, in addition to the prior two years for a total of 3 years. Said member must have paid dues on a timely basis annually.

6. All applicants/parent/guardian shall complete, verify for the accuracy, and date the application form.

7. Eligibility of the applicants for consideration for Scholarship shall be within the sole discretion of the County Leitrim Society Scholarship Fund Committee. Scholarship Chairperson will notify the applicants of Committee's findings.

8. All applicants are eligible to apply each year in which the lottery is conducted, however, no applicant will be considered eligible for more than eight (8) years Elementary, four (4) years High School or four (4) years College. No applicant may receive an award two consecutive years in any categor y.

9. Awards shall be paid directly to the Private Elementary/Grammar School and the Private High School which the applicants are attending. The College awards will be paid to the undergraduate student(s) attending either a two (2) or four (4) year accredited institution, upon presentation of a satisfactory transcript at the end of the first marking period taking a minimum of 12 earned credits and in good academic standing.

10. Any applicants who are tuition free or on a full scholarship are ineligible for any of these awards.

11. In order to receive the Scholarship award, a recipient of a scholarship and/or such recipient's parent/legal guardian or other designee must attend the County Leitrim Society's Annual Scholarship Mass/Dance in November where the awards will be presented. I n the event such recipient and/or parent/legal guardian or other designee does not attend this event, such scholarship award will revert back to the Scholarship Fund and will not be provided to the alternate applicant.

12. The status of the Committee shall be reviewed annually in September/October by the Society.

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